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Our students can take part in groups with additional responsibilities.

Student Council

Baskerville School prides itself on the importance of listening to its students' views. We have a School Council on which two students from each key stage and two from residential are representatives.

Each year candidates are elected by their class peers. They are responsible for sharing ideas and informing their class of outcomes and new initiatives in school.

Our School Council have played an active role in achieving a new cycle track with bikes and the organisation of lunch time clubs. They have had significant input in redesigning and choosing new equipment to improve our playgrounds. They have advised visiting teachers on aspects of the school curriculum. They are also part of the interview process for new members of staff! We are very pleased to have been awarded 'Highly Commended' in the 11-16 category in the 2104 Speaker of the House of Commons' School Council Award for the achievement of our Student Council.

The Student Council meets frequently, led by Katie Ralph, one of our Teaching Assistants. They discuss ideas on how to bring about improvements to the school and to raise money for the school. The Student Council liaise with the school's Senior Leadership Team and the school Governors, relaying the students' views on issues around school.

Casting our votes for the Student Council.
Carefully posting our votes in November 2018.

Eco Committee

Our Eco Committee comprises of students from most classes and members of staff across the whole structure who are passionate about moving the school towards being 'green', and everyone is very much involved in promoting good practices that improve the school's biodiversity and sustainability.

The committee meets once every half term to discuss on-going projects such as recycling at school, encouraging healthy lifestyles, carrying out conservation projects and raising money for environmentally friendly charities. Students also conduct audits to monitor energy use and recycling and students enjoy educating staff about the error of their ways when leaving lights and computers on!

Green Flag – Top Award

We were delighted to have achieved Eco Schools Green Flag status in July 2018. The auditor came into school and met with the committee to find out how the students worked together and what they have been doing to promote sustainability. He was very impressed with how enthusiastic the whole team were and after a thorough look at our records, probing questions and tour of the school and grounds, he was happy to award this prestigious accolade.

Plans for 2018/19

The committee is still growing in numbers across the three key stages (we are now going to restrict numbers having had 27 students at the last meeting in February 2019). Meetings continue to take place every half term. We have whole school assemblies to share new and innovative ideas with all classes.

As we progress through this academic year the committee is planning:

  • To work on healthy living – both body and mind, with all sorts of initiatives planned to help us move more, eat better and improve our mental health;
  • To source and sell BPA free water bottles to the school population to reduce the amount of single use plastic cups that we use;
  • To continue to monitor if classes are correctly recycling paper and plastic, with the help of the Eco Lunch Club;
  • To secure night-vision cameras in the school grounds to watch and monitor our nocturnal school population, particularly where we have built hedgehog houses; and
  • To join in the student movement to protest against climate change.

Minutes of Eco Committee Meetings

Minutes above are pdf files.

Our Eco Code

This year's focus on Health Living

Meet the Eco Committee - 2018/19.