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Sports Achievements

Archery Competition

2 April 2019

A group of our students attended the Birmingham Inter-School SEND Give It a Go Archery Competition that was held in the Nechells Wellbeing Centre. This is a new but very popular competition which gives students an opportunity to experience a new activity.

In the morning students had time to learn how to hold a bow and work on their aiming skills, knowing that in the afternoon they will have to put their skills to test. They also had time to talk to each other and meet their old friends from primary school.

In the afternoon all our students tried their hardest to score as many points as they could, as the final result was calculated from each individual score. They worked brilliantly as a team, supporting and encouraging each other, which has made a huge difference.

When the results were announced we were very pleased to find out that our team came second. Everyone had a fantastic day and all came back to school very proud of their achievement.


Boccia Success

Our Boccia team members.

14 March 2019

Our Boccia team has a new name - we are now called the Blue Brummies.

This week our Boccia team earned the title of best team in the region (Coventry, Warwickshire, Black Country, Worcestershire and of course Birmingham).

On Thursday, our Boccia team - Ali, Taylor, Sufyaan and Alvin, took part in the regional competition. Our team was focused and played very well, scoring the most points in their group and qualifying for the semi-finals. After a brief team talk our players (led brilliantly by Ali!) were ready for the challenge. They played three amazing ends winning 5-1!

The teamwork, communication and focus demonstrated throughout the game was outstanding. The final game was against the team which we lost to in the previous competition. Our players entered this game with a positive attitude and determination but were aware that the opposition team was very strong. It was a tough game but our players demonstrated resilience and stronger skills and won every end. The final score was 5-0.

Special mention goes to Ali, without whom we would not be able to win this competition. Ali stepped in for the first time as our captain due to Connor’s injury, and demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, maturity, focus and determination throughout the whole day. Ali has been playing in the school Boccia team for the last five years and over that period he has shown tremendous commitment by turning up at least twice a week for practices. Recently, Ali also took on the role of coaching younger players and the responsibility of setting up the chairs at the start of our club and putting equipment away at the end. He is a role model for all of the younger players.

Well done Blue Brummies! We are through to the National Tournament again!

A big thank you to the School Council who has provided the sports kits for our Boccia team.

Athletics Champions

The team warming up.

14 February 2019

Well done to our athletics team, who won the Secondary Para Sports Hall Athletics competition. Our team: Connor, Michael, Oscar, Seliona, Alvin, Sufyaan, Blake, Joshua A, Ali, Taylor and Sheriff competed against seven other schools from Birmingham. During the competition all our athletes showed determination, resilience, extremely good teamwork and respect to each other and the other teams.

Our team was familiar with the format of this competition as all students have participated in it in the past and had a practise at school. The competition consisted of relay races and events such as speed bounce, standing long jump, chest push, high stepper and javelin throw. Throughout the competition, all our athletes improved their own results in at least one event. The most improved score was achieved by Connor who in the speed bounce event achieved the highest result in school history.

Well done and congratulations to all our athletes for their hard work and for representing our school at the highest level. Thank you also to staff for supporting our students to achieve their very best.

Boccia Champions

Members of the Boccia team.

7 February 2019

A group of our students represented the school in two Boccia competitions, one run by the Birmingham School Games Organisers the other was the Lord’s Taverners Pan Boccia competition.

Both teams had to play a number of matches during which they used their tactics and skills to outwit their opponents. The captains of both teams (Alvin and Connor) led their teams extremely well. They had to make some difficult decisions and often they were performing under pressure. All of our players had practised very hard and on the day they played their best.

In the Birmingham School Games, our team came second, narrowly missing out on first place, and they qualified to play in the quarterfinals of the Lord’s Taverners competition. However, they lost their first match and went out of the competition. The second team also qualified to the same round and managed to move on to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, we lost by one point. Nevertheless, our school Boccia team is ranked as the third best team in Birmingham and we are all very proud of our students’ hard work and achievement.

Well done to all our players: Ali, Taylor, Sufyaan, George, Matthew and Joshua A for their commitment to Boccia Club.

Athletics Competition

7 December 2018

A group of nine athletes represented our school in the Inter-School Para Sports Hall Athletics Competition held at Billesley Indoor Tennis Centre.

The events included throwing, running, standing long jump, speed bounce, hi-stepper, javelin throw, chest push and a variety of relay races.

Our athletes all worked very hard and really performed their best. Not only have they done extremely well individually but also performed superbly as a team, encouraging and supporting each other.

Throughout the competition our team was competing against students from three other secondary SEN schools in Birmingham. At the end of the competition we were very pleased to find out that our team came first with a score of 50 points. Congratulations and well done to our athletes!


Boccia Competition

The Boccia Competition in progress.

20 November 2018

On Tuesday 20 November 2018, eight of our students (Connor, Oscar, Ali, Taylor, Joshua A, George M, Alvin and Sufyaan) attended a Boccia competition held at Birmingham Metropolitan College in Sutton Coldfield.

This was one of the biggest Boccia competitions we have participated in as there were about 20 teams from across Birmingham taking part.

Both our teams played four matches each and all students played at least two games. The standard of play was very high and the score difference in some matches was very close.

All our students played extremely well, with our more experienced players demonstrating some amazing throws with outstanding accuracy.

One of our teams came first in their group and the other team came second. The finals will be organized in the near future. In the meantime our players will do their best to prepare for the next competition.

Well done to all the students who took part. We are very proud of your achievements and the way you have represented our school.

A Taste of Archery

Having a go at archery.

5 July 2018

On Thursday 5 July eight of our students took part in the first ever Give It a Go SEND Archery event at the Nechells Wellbeing Centre.

Students took part in activities led by coaches from around the city as well as a very talented young archer on the GB Talent Programme, Josh Smith.

Afterwards, two students from our team participated in a competition. They came third and fourth. Well done to Safa, Andrew B, Michael B, Michael D, Connor E, Sufyaan H, Ali S, and Chris W!

Birmingham School Games Celebration Evening

Our school representatives at the celebration evening.

26 April 2018

On the evening of 26 April a small group of our students attended an event at the Tally Ho Conference Centre for all the schools that participated in the Birmingham School Games and won specific events, and to recognise and thank all the school staff and volunteers for their involvement in the games.

This year our students won in two events: the indoor athletics competition and Boccia. During the evening, apart from collecting our trophies, we saw a range of fantastic dance and musical performances by students from local schools.

Students showed off their trophy again during assembly at school the next morning!

Edyta, our PE teacher, would like to thank all our students for their hard work and commitment and our parents for bringing their children to the celebration evening. The school would also like to thank Edyta and all staff who have encouraged and supported the students to engage in sports activities.

Boccia Competition

13 March 2018

Our Boccia team attended the Lord's Taverners West Midlands Regional Pan Disability Division Boccia finals competition on 13 March.

Teams from our region (including Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Birmingham, Herefordshire and the Black Country) competed to qualify to the national level.

Our team played very well. Out of all five matches played, which consisted of 20 ends, we only lost three ends, which put us third in the whole region.

Despite feeling a little disappointed in not being able to make it to the national level, our players went over to congratulate the winning teams, showing excellent sportsmanship, respect and dignity.

Well done to all our players for their sportsmanship, commitment and excellent skills!


Para Football and Para Athletics

13 February 2018

On 13 February, two teams of students represented Baskerville School in the Birmingham Schools Games final.

Our Para Football team worked very hard and played their best. They won two matches, drew two matches and lost one. Overall they came fourth which is still a very good result.

Our Para Athletics team competed against seven other SEN schools in speed bounce, javelin throw, standing long jump, chest push and high stepper. As the result of each athlete was converted into points for the whole team, everyone had to achieve the best they could. Our squad pushed themselves very hard, achieved the highest possible results and their hard work paid off, resulting in the team coming first!

Well done to all our footballers and athletes.


Boccia Competition

6 February 2018

On 6 February two of our Boccia teams competed against 14 other schools from across the city in the Birmingham Taverners Pan Boccia Competition.

It was a very special day for all of us as we have never attended a competition on such a large scale before, where both our teams played at the same time. This years Boccia competition attracted so many schools that all the teams had to be divided into four pools, each pool containing four teams. By winning most matches in their pool, both our teams managed to reach the quarter finals, semi-finals and finals. At one stage they found themselves playing against each other.

Our new players as well as our established players found the experience unusual. Some of our new players at times played even better than the others in their team. It was a very tense match and we finished the competition in the 1st and 3rd place, qualifying, for the second year in a row, to the regional level.

Well done to all the players. Many thanks to Edyta and Kristian whose support and coaching skill enabled our students to flourish in the competition, and to Ali H for capturing the amazing moments of our superstars!


Boccia Competition

21 November 2017

On 21 November, our students took part in the Inter-school Boccia Competition held at the Metropolitan College in Sutton Coldfield.

Our students participated in the competition as two teams, and they competed amongst 18 teams from across the city that were put into three groups. Both our teams played very well, demonstrating determination and good sportsmanship.

Our two teams came first and fourth in their group and we are very proud of the students' achievement.


Sporting Record Breakers

13 July 2017

On our Sports and Activities Day on 13 July 2017, all our students took part in the individual 1-minute indoor rowing challenge. We hold this challenge annually and a record of our students' best results is kept. In this challenge, students compete within their age group. The top three scorers are placed on the 'Leader Board'.

This year we had some very good results. In Year 7, we have a new name on the Leader Board - Michael B, who achieved 227 metres and is currently in second place. In addition, Luke H from Year 11 achieved a result of 272 metres and secured himself second place in his year group.

Apart from indoor rowing, we also had some amazing results in individual rope jumping challenge. In this challenge, students jumped continuously over a rope without stopping. In Year 7, Connor E jumped over the rope 124 times and improved the school record by over 40 jumps which was a truly great achievement! In Year 8, Taylor R jumped 50 times and in Year 9 we had two new records: Louis C achieved 79 jumps, improving the previous school record by 26 jumps, and Manh N is in second place with 65 jumps.

The last challenge attempted by the students was the Multistage Fitness Test, in which we had the best results ever.

In Year 7 we had 3 new records and the champions in this age group are: 1st place – Connor E, 2nd – Michael B and 3rd place - Seliona P.

In Year 9, Louis C, reached level 12 and matched the result achieved for the first time 2 years ago by another student. Sam B also reached level 11. In Year 11, we have a new champion - Joe M, who reached level 15.1!

Edyta, our PE Teacher, said, "I am very happy that so many students attempted the different challenges and I am extremely proud of their achievements this year. Some of these new records will be very difficult to beat, but I will not be surprised if they are overtaken by even better results next year as we have some amazingly hard working and determined athletes at Baskerville School! Well done to all who took part!"

We are the Champions!

May 2017

Five students from our school won the National Boccia Championship.

Just before 6.30am on Wednesday 3 May we all started our two-hour journey to Sheffield to take part in the National Boccia Competition for special needs students as one of the best twelve teams in England, after winning the regional matches in April.

They were still feeling tired after the early morning start and the long drive when they played their first game against an amazing and far more experienced team. Despite playing very well, they lost the first match.

They continued to play two further matches both of which they won. This qualified our team for the semi final which they won, promoting them into the final.

Their hearts sank when they realised that they would be playing against the same team that had beaten them in the first match. However, all our players stayed positive and did their best.

The final game was truly amazing and breath-taking. The pressure was affecting both teams; at the end of the third end, it was all square. The coolness of our players, their determination and resilience helped our team to win the last end by just one point!

The team captains of the two teams congratulated each other after the match and showed great sportsmanship. Connor from our team also won the best player of the year award!

Edyta, our PE teacher said, "I am extremely proud of the students' commitment and sportsmanship. It is a real pleasure to work with such hard-working and determined young people. Well done! A big thank you to Kristian who coached the team and who provided experience, sense of humour and positivity to us all!"

Rosemary is very proud of the students' (and staff's!) achievement. "We are happy not only because our students have won the championship, but more importantly, through activities like these, our students appreciate that staff have high expectation of them and will encourage them and support them to work hard to overcome their special needs and difficulties to achieve their goals. We are also very lucky to have a team of very dedicated staff who regularly give up their break time to provide extra support to our students. I feel very privileged to work with the staff and students of Baskerville School!"


Boccia and Football Achievements

29 March 2017

On Wednesday 29 March, our Boccia team represented our school at the regional Boccia competition, playing against the best teams from Coventry, Worcester, Warwickshire and the Black Country.

Our team worked very hard over the past ten weeks giving up their lunch breaks to practise their skills and tactics. At the competition, the team delivered their best performance. They communicated effectively and made good decisions, displaying outstanding team work. They not only won all the games but also every single end. We are extremely proud of their achievements, commitment and dedication.

After Easter, the team will start preparation for the competition at the national level which will take place in Sheffield on 3 May.

On Wednesday evening, representatives of our football and Boccia teams attended the Turkish Airline Birmingham School Games Winter 2017 Celebration Evening held at the Tally-Ho Conference Centre. Trophies were presented to the winning teams in Birmingham for various sports events.

Our Boccia Team with their trophy at the regional Boccia Competition.
Our Boccia and Football players at the Birmingham School Games Winter 2017 Celebration Evening.

Boccia players in action.

Success at Birmingham School Games

9 February 2017

Our Boccia and football teams represented the school in the final tournaments of Sainsbury's Birmingham School Games.

Our Boccia teamplayed against all the best teams in Birmingham for the title of Birmingham Boccia Champion. Our students took the competition very seriously as they were very keen to move to the next stage - regional level. They played extremely well showing some absolutely amazing shots and performed well under pressure. Out of the 12 ends played, they only lost two and managed to win all the matches and won the tournament, successfully moving to the regional level which they will play on 29 March.

The football team played extremely well showing good sportsmanship and determination. They won all the matches and are the best in Birmingham.

The students also had the opportunity to meet Khalid Yafai, the WBA World Super Flyweight Champion during the day and took some photographs with him.

A big well done to both teams and thanks also to the leadership of Edyta, our PE teacher and members of staff - Kristian, Michael and Tommy for their support and excellent coaching.

Our footballers showing off their medals.
The Birmingham boccia champion.

Indoor Athletics Competition

Some of our winning athletes.

6 December 2016

Eleven of our students took part in the Secondary Special Needs School Indoor Athletics Competition.

The students competed in events including relay races, javelin throw, chest push, speed bounce and high stepper. Our students did their very best trying to get the best results in each of the events. It was a narrow win but our students came first. They all came back to school feeling very proud of themselves.

Edyta, our PE teacher said, "I would like to say a big well done to all our students. They made me feel very proud of their achievement, competing not only with utmost commitment but also showing good sportsmanship and leadership. I would also like to say a big thank you to staff Katie R and Michael H for their support and help."

We would also like to say well done and thank you to Edyta for always encouraging our students to take part and do their best to make progress and support each other!

Boccia and New Age Kurling Ventures

Concentrating hard at boccia.

22 November 2016

A group of students represented our school in a boccia and new age kurling competition for all special needs secondary schools in Birmingham.

The team all performed at their highest level and one of our boccia teams came first and qualified to move up to regional level matches in 2017.

Well done to all the students and a big thank you to staff Kristian, Taylor, Michael, Katie and Deion for their support.

Multi Stage Fitness Test

July 2016

This term, all Key Stages 3 and 4 students took part in Multi-Stage Fitness Tests that provide an indication of individual fitness level.

Our results this year are much better than those from last year, showing that throughout the year, our students worked hard to improve or maintain their fitness. The best results by year group are now displayed outside the gym and will remain there until another student in that age group has achieved a better result.

Well done to all students who took part in the challenge. A special mention to all students from 4C: Sam P, Nathan, Adan, Matthew J, Luke H, Luke G and Owen W who attempted the continuous jogging challenge several times this term and improved their results showing hard work, determination and a very positive attitude.

Thank you to class staff who were extremely supportive and gave their students so much encouragement.

Great Sporting Success

Playing in the boccia competition.

May 2016

Our boccia team, aka the 'Blue Spartans', took part in the National Boccia Competition in Sheffield where the best teams from all the special schools across the whole country played at the highest level.

Our students participated with great determination, focus, and the desire to win as many points as possible in every game. They conducted themselves impeccably not only in the games but also throughout the whole trip with respect and maturity.

We are very proud of their achievement as they came eighth in the whole country. What made this achievement such a significant success is the fact that our team consists of very young players who only came together as a team less than a year ago, and they played against much older students all under the 19 year-old category. So well done 'Blue Spartans'! You have done us proud.

A big thank you to Chris for not only driving everyone safely to Sheffield and back, but also for his support and expertise in organising this trip, and also to Kristian who is our boccia coach and whose dedication and commitment enabled our students to practice their skills during lunch breaks.

Trampolining Superstars

Trampolining fun.

April 2016

Throughout the last week of the Spring Term, all our Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students took part in a 'Trampolining Superstars' challenge during which participants attempted a range of trampolining skills suitable for all abilities.

Some of the challenges involved just a basic jump in the middle of the trampoline, while there were also mid-range challenges for students to do a series of seat drops. Quite a few students also attempted the most difficult challenges such as performing as many swivel hips as they could.

The same event took place last year, so Edyta, our PE teacher was able to compare the results and she found that this year, some results were much better than last year, indicating definite improvements for some of our students.

Well done to all students who took part!

Birmingham Winter School Games Celebration

Collecting their trophies at the Celebration Evening.

17 March 2016

A group of our students attended the Birmingham Winter School Games Celebration Evening that was held at the Tally-ho Conference and Banqueting Centre.

The students represented two of our winning teams: football and boccia They have all worked hard not only to improve their performance in football and boccia but also in playing as a team and showing excellent sportsmanship.

They collected their beautiful and well-deserved trophies and celebrated their achievement at the event. Thank you so much for all the parents and carers for taking their children there and our staff Michael H and Kristian who gave up their evening to support the students.

Baskerville Students Best in Birmingham

Some of our winning sports stars.

4 February 2016

Two of our teams (boccia and football) qualified last year for the Birmingham Secondary Schools Winter Games 2016 which were held in the Futsal Arena.

The competition gathered the best teams in Birmingham in a range of different sports. All teams played a number of matches and competed for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

We are very happy to be able to share the fantastic news that both our teams came first. This is an amazing result and we are very proud that in those two games our students were the best in the city. Well done to both our football and boccia teams.

We would also like to thank our amazing staff, Michael, Tommy and Symon, who on daily basis support and lead sessions for our footballers and Kristian who for the last few months lead our weekly Boccia club.

What great sporting results for the start of this new year!

Football and Athletics Success

Our successful athletes.

December 2015

Ten of our students went to Aston Villa Football Club to play matches against Hallmoor, Queensbury and Calthorpe schools.

Our team won all their matches and our very proud footballers came back to school with their trophy. Edyta, our PE teacher, is very proud of their achievement and the way they conducted themselves throughout the competition.

Another group took part in an indoor athletics competition at Nechells Leisure Centre. They enjoyed the competition and represented the school at the highest level in two teams. Both teams did well - one came first and the other came second! Well done to all who took part!

Boccia and New Age Kurling News

Some of our students displaying their medals.

6 October 2015

A group of our Key Stages 3 and 4 students took part in a Boccia and New Age Kurling competition held at the Metropolitan College.

All students played at least three matches against six other schools. The Boccia team led came third and the NAK team came second.

Well done to all students!

Sainsbury's School Games Award Evening

Our students collect the Boccia trophy.

12 March 2015

Three of our students and their parents together with two members of staff from school attended the Sainsbury's School Games Award Evening held at the Tally Ho Police Sports and Social Club.

The award evening is organised every year to celebrate young people's successes in different sports. Our students were presented with a trophy for winning the Boccia competition in Birmingham.

Edyta our PE teacher is extremely proud of their achievement and would also like to say a big thank you to Kristian who coached and supported the students during lunchtime clubs and competitions. We are also very grateful to the parents who supported their child during competitions.

Panathlon Success

Our Panathlon competitors.

5 March 2015

Twelve students represented Baskerville School in the Finals of the Panathlon Competition held in the Sutton Coldfield Metropolitan College.

Students competed in games including new age kurling, polybat, table cricket and boccia, and also in athletic events such as seated short put, javelin throw, target throw, standing long jump and relay races.

Most of our students came back with two medals that were awarded for the individual activities. Our overall score placed us in a well-deserved third place among all the special needs schools in Birmingham!

Well done to the whole team who had all done their best to score as many points as they could and at the same time showed respect for and made friends with other competitors!

Football Fun

Football team and supporters.

February 2015

Some of our Bournville-based students represented Bournville College along with other Bournville students in a 5-a-side football tournament at the Futsal arena in Hockley.

Our team did very well considering they have never played together as a team before, losing one game by a single goal and another 3-2. Our star keeper did exceptionally well and kept the team in the game on many occasions.

Their team work and appreciation for the opposing teams were second to none. Well done lads!

Birmingham School Games

Some of our winning students.

5 February 2015

Twelve of our students participated in the Winter Festival of Birmingham School Games. This was the city-wide final for all special schools in Birmingham that had qualified through the area semi-finals.

Our school was represented by two teams: Boccia and Football. All students performed at their best, worked extremely well as part of their team and all contributed to their team's success.

Our Football came third and our Boccia team came first which means we are the best in Boccia among all special schools in Birmingham this year! All students behaved and performed exceptionally well. Well done to all!

Para Football Competition

Our footballers warming up.

14 January 2015

Eight of our students represented our school in a Para Football Competition that took place at the Aston Villa Academy.

Our team played against teams from Fox Hollies School, Arthur Terry School, Hallmoor School and Kingsbury School. They played tremendous football showing very good skills, sportsmanship and team work. It was a very enjoyable competition and a very good experience for all our footballers.

We are very proud not only of their achievement in qualifying for the finals that will be held in February, but also of their commitment in practising their football skills every Thursday during lunchtime.