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Snippets of News

Budding Garden Designers

One of our mini gardens.

March 2019

Students from Class 4B have been doing a project on gardens, part of which was to think about what sort of garden they would like to have.

They went on to design and build mini versions of their garden showing great creativity.

Our next target is the Chelsea Flower show!

Sensory Play

Enjoying the sensory play sessions.

February 2019

The team from Dens of Equality are coming into school every Monday to work with 3A for some tailor made sensory play sessions.

We have been given an amazing opportunity whereby the team will be in school every Monday morning, for a year from January 2019.

Initially 3A will be attending the play sessions in the complex building hall, after which time, we'll be offering sessions to other classes so all students will have the opportunity to participate in the experience.

Work Experience at the Lickey Hills

Working hard in the Lickeys.

January 2019

5D and the Bournville group have been undertaking work experience with the countryside rangers at the Lickey Hills as part of their Open Awards 'Working in land based industries' qualification.

They were given responsibility to completely renovate the two main beds just outside the visitors’ centre, turning one into a replica of a woodland floor and the other into a wild flower meadow including putting up some bee boxes to attract different species.

The students have been praised for their fantastic hard work and dedication despite the biting cold weather. One talented student, who insisted on working through his breaks, has been invited back to join a crack volunteer squad.

Well done to all the students and thank you to the Lickey Hills rangers for providing the placement to our students.

Class 3A’s Lesson in the Community

Enjoying the bowling.

10 December 2018

Students of 3Ai went bowling, where they were able to practise their hand eye co-ordination, waiting and taking turns and identifying colours.

Afterwards they went to Webbs to look at all the Christmas decorations and see the reindeers and the ice rink. All enjoyed the interactive models and fake snow.

Everyone had a really good day out and were extremely well behaved.

Special Schools Co-operative Trust Arts Launch

The Arts launch event.

17 November 2018

On Wednesday 17 October, four of our students took part in an Arts launch event/performance at Calthorpe School organised by the Birmingham Special Schools Co-operative Trust.

Students took part in organised workshops that included dance, music and movement and art. The theme for the launch was 'Together We Are Strong'.

Quinn and Safa (Key Stage 4) and Sufyaan and Emma (Key Stage 3) were all very enthusiastic and very much enjoyed working with other students from different schools within the Trust. Our students contributed towards a large piece of artwork which will be displayed in all the schools that are part of the Trust. We are looking forward to receiving the artwork at Baskerville School.

Visit to the The Skills Show

At the Skills Show.

15 November 2018

On Thursday 15 November, students and staff of our college group went to Arena Birmingham to visit The Skills Show.

They had the opportunity to meet with different organisations from different industries such as health, catering and hospitality, digital and creative media and engineering and automotive, with organisations such as The Royal Air Force, West Midlands Ambulance Service, Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota amongst the many others.

We came across an organisation called The Autism Experience, who after extensive research created a bus where people can experience the issues that an individual with autism has to deal with every day, and it hopefully will help people to understand autism a little bit more.

Our Own Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Receiving the Ambassador of the Day award.

September 2018

Students from 4E took part in training in September to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

The course, funded by Facebook and accredited by The Princess Diana Trust, is designed to enable students to become ambassadors throughout the school. This entails finding ways in which we can tackle bullying through one-off events and through a planned long term approach that gets everybody involved – so watch this space for updates about how we are going to roll it out.

We are extremely proud to say that one of our students was awarded with 'Ambassador of the Day' for her enthusiastic and engaging approach to the day.

Parents and carers can find further details at the link below. If you have any ideas on how we can get you all involved please contact 4E staff or students. As we were constantly reminded whilst on the course: the students are the best source of information and ideas!

See more at: Anti-Bullying Pro Parents/Guardians (external link)

Sharing our Forest School Practice

Our Forest School leaders with their guest.

July 2018

Our Forest School teachers Ann and Kay had a visitor from Egypt. Dr Hanan Moussa came to visit our school to gain an understanding of how Forest School and outdoor learning has an impact on learners with ASD.

Hanan shadowed Ann, Kay, Rhoda and Richard during Forest School and Horticulture lessons. She was able to see our learners engaged in shelter building, making mallets, cooking on the campfire, and participating in forest management and horticulture activities.

Hanan has the dream to set up a Forest School for children with ASD in Egypt. It was a delight to share our practice and we wish Hanan lots of luck in accomplishing her dream.

Team Building and Problem Solving at Conkers

Teamwork activities at Conkers.

13 June 2018

Students from our Bournville based group visited Conkers Adventure Centre on Wednesday 13 June.

Students and staff donned harnesses and helmets and took to the high ropes course... although some staff chickened out and decided on the low ropes option.

A big well done to Sam, Jordan and Owen for completing the high ropes and to our agency staff Karina who was extremely brave, and received lots of support from the students to help her to get round the high ropes course.

They then divided up into two groups and the challenge was to try and get a full bucket of water around an obstacle course. The winning team would be the ones who had the most water left in the bucket after they have completed the obstacle course. Both teams lost their water but they had such a good laugh!

The students used their problem solving skills and their team work was exceptional. A massive well done to all students and a big thanks to a fabulous staff team!

Calm Boxes and Smile Stones

One of our colourful calm boxes.

May 2018

Students of Class 3B have been working on recognising and naming their feelings in class and learning about different ways in which we can stay calm, happy and ready to learn.

To help with this, they have made 'calm boxes' which each student has decorated in their own style, choosing their own paint colours and decorations. Each student chose different items to put into their calm boxes, which they can use when they feel frustrated, worried or silly/wiggly. Everyone enjoyed trying out different ways of staying calm especially blowing the bubbles!

3B students have also been busy decorating 'smile stones' which they then hid around the nature trail. The stones aim to bring joy and happiness to others who may find them and once a smile stone is found, it can be hidden again for someone else to find. It was very relaxing painting the stones and it is a lovely activity that anybody can do. A walk around the nature trail now feels like a treasure hunt!

Visit to the Transport Museum

Year 4 at the Transport Museum.

24 April 2018

In the spring term 3A students were learning about different modes of transport as part of their Science topic.

Their visit to the Transport Museum in Coventry (which was due to take place before Easter but was postponed due to the snow) took place on Tuesday 24 April.

They had a fantastic time and staff and students really enjoyed looking at the different kinds of transport, particularly sitting on a penny-farthing.

Tree Planting in the Local Community

Eco Club members planting a tree.

13 March 2018

Our school was invited to help with tree planting in Queens Park on Tuesday 13 March.

The Eco Lunch Club members were delighted to assist a range of groups from around the city to improve the Queens Park tree landscape.

Birmingham Trees for Life who organised the event were very complimentary about the fantastic efforts of our students and the tree specialists who helped our students specifically said it was a great privilege to work along such a dedicated bunch.

5C Went Shopping

The students with their shopping from Primark.

7 February 2018

As part of their work on Independent Living Skills, students from 5C visited the Merry Hill Centre in Dudley.

They went to Primark to choose clothing that they liked within a set budget and then paid for the items themselves at the till with staff support.

The actual real world experience of independently choosing clothing to purchase and paying for it has greatly benefited the students. The students all chose some very trendy clothes and had a fantastic experience during the day.

Caring for Our Feathered Friends

Making snacks for our feathered friends.

January 2018

In Science this year students of Class 4A are learning about 'Caring for the Environment'.

Within this unit they have taken part in activities to improve the local environment. All students worked well to follow instructions to make fat balls to feed the birds in the winter months when they will struggle to find food.

Each student made choices of what to add to the mixture for the fat balls, choosing from rice, cheese, oats, dried fruit and bread crumbs and all were hands on when making the balls.

Student Council Achievement

Showing off our new Key Stage 4 climbing frame.

December 2017

Well done to our Student Council for the work they have done consulting all classes in school for ideas and then helping to design the new climbing frame for our Key Stage 4 play area.

Safety Rules for Online Social Engagement

November 2017

As part of their PSHE curriculum, students of Class 4C researched and learned about online safety. They produced a leaflet overleaf providing guidelines and advice on online social engagement, how to stay safe and where to find help and support. The leaflet is posted on the 'Safeguarding' page of our school website.

Parents and carers received a copy of the leaflet and are encouraged to keep the information and go over it with their child to encourage them to stay safe while engaged in social activities online. Parents / carers are very welcome to approach the school for help and advice if there is any concerns about e-safety.

Well done 4C!

A Visit to Land Rover

At the Land Rover Experience in Solihull.

11 October 2017

On 11 October, some of our Bournville-based students visited the Land Rover factory in Solihull.

Our budding motor mechanics went on a tour of the plant, visiting the production line with all the robots. They learned about the materials used and gained an insight into the latest manufacturing process. They also had the opportunity to look at the finished car.

It is a valuable experience for the students to have the opportunity to visit a working manufacturing plant. The students asked lots of questions and learned a lot. Everyone behaved very well and enjoyed the visit

Many thanks to Land Rover Solihull.

'Prevent' Assembly

Learning about Extremism in our assembly.

27 September 2017

As part of the school's 'Prevent' duty, an assembly on Extremism was held on Wednesday 27 September.

Students learned about the danger of extremism and the risk of radicalisation.

It is hoped that within the safe environment of the school, students can be supported to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to understand and manage difficult situations, to recognise and manage risk and know where, when and how to get help. By doing so, we hope to build our students' resilience to radicalisation and to minimise the risk of them being drawn into extremism and terrorism.

Amnesty International at Baskerville School

Listening to our guest from Amnesty International.

6 July 2017

Report from our Eco Committee:

"This meeting we carried on with our work on Global citizenship - trying to be better citizens of the world. We were very lucky to have a guest speaker: Alison Graham who is a volunteer with Amnesty International, a charity that campaigns for human rights. She was very nice and told us that it all started with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 following WW2. Amnesty now works in many different areas helping asylum seekers and people who was sentenced to death but was not guilty. It was really interesting and good to know people are being helped."

Alison was delighted with the students, and their questions and knowledge impressed her greatly - she later spoke to Class 4C to help them with their RE topic 'Contentious Issues/Human Rights' and the class is currently doing some fantastic follow up work on individual case studies, so a big thank you to Alison for her visit!

Student Council Election

Voting in the Council election.

22 June 2017

Following a few weeks of very exciting pre-election campaigning and canvassing, our Student Council Election took place.

All students were encouraged and supported to participate either by putting themselves forward, producing or putting up election publicity materials, or casting their votes on the day.

The results of the election was announced on 26 June during a whole school assembly.

Well done to all the students for participating in the election process. A special thank you to students of 3E who set up the polling station and students of 4C who helped on the election day.

A big thank you goes to Katie Ralph for taking the lead in organising the election and to all staff who provided the support to make it a meaningful experience for our students.

Close Encounter with a Wombat

Learning about wombats.

25 May 2017

As part of their 'Australia' topic in English, students of Class 3B have been reading 'Diary of a Wombat'.

The whole class shared the story as a group and then students read independently, using differentiated versions of the book according to their reading levels.

All students enjoyed the story and were able to recall information from the text.

A Visit to the Mosque

Learning about Islam at the Mosque.

26 April 2017

Students of 3E visited Shireland Road Mosque on Wednesday 26 April.

They learnt about Islamic beliefs such as how they pray (with the help of Danyaal) and the Five Pillars of Islam. They also took part in some art activities such as designing their own prayer mats and learning to write some Arabic letters.

As part of their RE curriculum, our students have the opportunity to visit various religious places such as mosques, synagogues, churches, temples and gurdwaras to help them learn about the teachings and practices of different religions.

Residential Trip to Macaroni Wood

Our students at Macaroni Wood.

27 to 31 March 2017

A group of our residential students had a residential trip to Macaroni Wood from Monday to Wednesday last week.

Apart from visiting the Cotswold Wildlife Park to see the animals, they also enjoyed walks in the countryside and a campfire at the site. It was a good opportunity for students to put into practice the independence and life skills they have learned while in residential at school. Everyone had a good time!

It was then 3D's turn to visit Macaroni Wood from Wednesday to Friday. Students had a fabulous time and did a variety of fun activities. They visited Crocodiles of the World and saw some amazing animals. They even got to stroke a tortoise, a snake and an alligator. They also went to Cotswold Wildlife Park and explored the grounds, played on the playground and saw animals such as giraffes and rhinos.

Back at Macaroni Woods they played on the go-karts, bikes, fed the pigs and collected chicken eggs. They had a real treat when Chris made a camp fire so everyone could toast marshmallows.

All the students should be very proud of their behaviour and pushing themselves outside their comfort zone to try new things. Please see our newsletter for more photographs of the trip.

Enrichment Activity

Enjoying the music lessons.

February 2017

Students in class 3F are having weekly music lessons with Amy Swallow, a teacher from the Birmingham Music Service who is currently delivering a music project over eight weeks from January to March as part of her teacher certificate course.

Our students have chosen to work on 'Music of Africa' and are learning to sing African songs and to play the djembe (African drum). It is hoped that they will be able to perform their African music in this year's school production.

Many thanks to Amy and the Music Service for providing the opportunity for our students to enjoy and to experience traditional African music.

Top Kitchen

Well done to our school kitchen staff.

January 2017

Congratulations and well done to Jason, our school chef and Karen, his assistant for being awarded the top Food Hygiene Rating by the Food Standards Agency.

The '5' rating was awarded after two inspectors turned up unannounced during lunchtime on 13 January and did a thorough inspection of our school kitchen.

Thank you to Jason and Karen for all the hard work they have done throughout the year!

Looking After the World Around Us

Washing a dog as part of an animal care course.

December 2016

Ann, our Faculty Leader for Rural Dimension, is very proud of the progress students in 3E have made in Basic Animal Care as part of their Land-Based Studies Foundation Course and in Exploring the Local Wild Areas as part of their John Muir Award.

Ann is particularly impressed by the progress made by some students overcoming their phobia for dogs and becoming so much more confident with Sox and Lexi, and connecting to nature when they visited Warley Woods and Chad Valley Railway.

Post-16 Options Event

Parents at the presentation.

16 November 2016

Jainn-Ann, our Adviser from the Birmingham Careers Service, Bev, our Assistant Head Teacher (Curriculum) and Rachel, the tutor of our Bournville College-based group hosted a presentation about the various options for students after Year 11.

Many thanks to the parents and carers who came and obtained information about the opportunities available to their child and shared their experience with each other.

Recycled Robots

One of our recycled robots.

October 2016

Students of 4B have made some amazing recycled robots as part of one of their open awards unit in Art this term.

The students all worked very hard and produced some fantastic results.

Well done!

Getting to Know Harborne

Students getting to know their local area.

20 September 2016

Students of 5D were undertaking the Open Awards unit 'Knowing Your Local Area'.

On Tuesday 20 September, they walked around Harborne, our local area, and used iPads to capture some local scenes.

All students worked well and were able to identify many of the different features of Harborne.

First Aid Course for Students

Learning to administer first aid.

11 July 2016

Congratulations to our Key Stages 3 and 4 students who completed the first aid course at school delivered by a trainer from St John's Ambulance.

The course was part of the PSHE curriculum on ways of keeping safe.

The students learned to do CPR, provide first aid in case of choking and burns, and all received a certificate for having completed the course successfully.

Practising Independence Living Skills in the Community

A visit to Costa Coffee.

June 2016

As part of the ASDAN Personal Progress Developing Independent Living Skills qualification, 4A have been visiting Costa Coffee in Harborne.

Three of our students choose which drink they would like and ordered it at the counter.

Brian and his team have been very welcoming and make sure that we feel valued on every visit. It is clear that they understand young people with autism and special needs and this shows in their patience and kindness. Brian also donated a goody bag to the school to be included in the Leaver's Ball Raffle in July.

Thanks to Brian and his team!

Community Project

Students helping restore the allotment.

May 2016

As part of Land-based Studies accreditation, students from our Bournville group embarked on a community project to clear the overgrown vegetation and restore a community allotment in our neighbouring Moorpool area so that users could grow things on it.

Students had worked hard weeding, pruning, digging, clearing, building a path and steps. Local residents were very happy to see the improvement and the group were described as the best workers to have been involved in the project.

A big thank you to Jayne Millicheap for organising the project.

We Like Raspberry!

Students working with the Raspberry Pi.

15 April 2016

Students of Class 3F enjoyed their computing lesson this week, using Raspberry Pi's.

Working in pairs, students wired up single LED's and created a sequence to control the lights using python. All students were totally engaged and found it really exciting that their computing skills had enabled them to produce amazing results.

Next week Tracey, their Computing teacher, will show the students how to control traffic lights!

Mother's Day Tea

Enjoying our Mother's Day Tea.

4 March 2016

Our Beeches residential unit hosted a Mother's Day Tea on 4 March.

Students and staff worked together to plan for the event, prepare the food on the day and sign in all the mums when they arrived. The mums enjoyed a relaxed evening when they met and chatted with staff, other students and their mums.

Chris Harrison, the Team Leader of the Beeches unit said, 'We would like to invite parents to come in from time to time so they could witness first hand the progress their children have made and enjoy the results of their achievements.'

Bournville Group Successes

Proudly displaying their food hygiene certificates.

February 2016

Our Bournville College based students went on a basic food hygiene course in February and they all passed the test afterwards.

The trainer said that their behaviour was exemplary and that he felt privileged to have had them in his group. He also added that their knowledge was at times better than staff who had been doing the course for years!

We are all really proud of their achievement and they can now add their newly acquired qualification to their CVs!

Matt and Makeeba attended the Bournville College enrolment event. After getting top marks in the mechanical assessment, Matt has been offered a conditional place on a construction course, and following a successful singing audition, Makeeba has been offered a conditional place on the BTEC level 3 in Music Performance for September 2016.

Well done to all of them!

Congratulations to Rosemary

Rosemary at Buckingham Palace after receiving her OBE award.

15 January 2016

Congratulations to Rosemary, our HeadTeacher who was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the Queen's New Year Honours list for her services to special educational needs and disabilities.

Rosemary said, "I am absolutely delighted - and it does put Baskerville School on the map as well. It is nice to have some recognition for the work we have done at Baskerville School. I have been lucky to have worked in a wide variety of special needs settings across eight different authorities, as a teacher, head teacher, adviser and inspector, which was recognised in the citation. I found it a privilege to work with special educational needs and I have some lovely memories of the children, families and colleagues with whom I have worked."

The whole school got together on Friday 15 January to have a surprise assembly in honour of Rosemary's OBE award. Everyone enjoyed seeing photographs of Rosemary in various stages of her life and there was even a rehearsal of the investiture with a 'Queen'. The assembly came to a perfect ending with Rosemary cutting a special celebratory cake.

Christmas Shop

Meeting Santa in his grotto.

10 December 2015

We had a very successful Christmas Shop on 10 December.

Many thanks to all staff who organised the event or helped. A big thank you to the HSBC helpers who assisted in creating our grotto. Last but not least thanks to our brilliant parents and carers who made cakes, spent lots of money and to our students who helped as elves or in the shop when little visitors from Our Lady Of Fatima School came in. Thank you to Santa too!

Monies raised will be used for TEACCH resources for our students.

Orchard Smoothies

Making smoothies.

November 2015

Residential students in the Orchards unit have been making smoothies with a variety of fruit as part of their ASDAN 'Healthy Snacks' project.

They were encouraged to identify fruits, try different combinations of fruits and offer samples of their smoothies to the other students. So far they have tried mango, melon, banana, strawberry, blueberry, orange, apple, lemon, limes, pineapple and kiwi. They have even frozen some of the smoothies to make ice lollies.

This is one of the weekly structured activities for the Orchards students this half term to practise their skills and to raise awareness of healthy eating. We hope that students might choose this as a healthy option at snack time after school. Everyone really enjoyed the activity.

Geography Field Work (with a hint of Literacy)

On one of our field trips.

October 2015

A couple of field trips took place on the first week of October.

Class 3C went to Queen's Park to look at the natural and man made features in our environment. All had a lovely time which was all the more pleasant with the perfect autumn weather. All students engaged very well and enjoyed the trip.

Class 3E went to Clent Hills to support their work on 'mountains'. In addition to learning all about the geographical features, the students also took the opportunity to develop their literacy skills in producing a persuasive report encouraging people to use the facilities at Clent Hills.

Zero Air Mile Apples for Everyone

Cooking with our home grown apples.

September 2015

The apple trees in the school grounds are yielding a bumper harvest this year.

Our students have been picking the apples and using them to make apple crumble during their Food Tech lessons. They learned about the good practice of using locally sourced products in everyday cooking and enjoyed preparing and eating the crumble.

All students were also given a bag of apples to take home to share with family and friends.

International Day

Our International Day event.

19 June 2015

On Friday 19 June 2015, we had an International Day (starring Jamaica!) at school.

Throughout the day, students celebrated the wide cultural heritage within the school where over 13 countries were represented, including Eritrea, France, Spain, Romany, India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Korea, Ireland, Jamaica and England.

Students took part in activities such as beach volleyball, clay oven baking, setting up pen pals with students of Windsor School of Special Education in Jamaica (which is linked to our school through the 'Connecting Classrooms' project organised by the British Council) and a whole school assembly.

The day ended with a whole school picnic where everyone enjoyed a Jamaican drink and snack in beautiful sunshine. It was a spectacular sight with the display of flags from the countries forming our Baskerville community!

What Next? Event

Our busy 'What Next' event.

11 May 2015

On 11 May, our school hosted a 'What Next?' event for parents and students.

Many thanks to representatives from Autism West Midlands, Solihull College, Bournville College, Queen Alexandra College, Glasshouse College, Calthorpe Vocational Centre, Skills Tank, South and City College, Halesowen College and the Birmingham Careers Service for coming to provide information and advice to our students and parents.

Thanks also to our Bournville-based students Louis and Xian for sharing their experience regarding college life.

Trip to London

Inside Westminster Hall.

9 March 2015

On 9 March, students of Class 4D spent a day in London.

In the morning, they enjoyed a guided visit to the Houses of Parliament in support of a History module 'People and Protest' and also to underpin the Citizenship curriculum on how laws are made in this country.

The afternoon's activities focused on a Geography link with their work on tourism and included a tour of the London Eye, the Tate Modern, St Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace

As their day involved a lot of travelling by tube, and train, students also gained a lot of experience in using the transport network efficiently and safely.

Panathlon Success

Our team of athletes.

4 March 2015

On Thursday 5 March, twelve students represented Baskerville School in the finals of the Panathlon Competition.

They competed in games including new age kurling, polybat, table cricket and boccia, and also in athletic events such as seated short put, javelin throw, target throw, standing long jump and relay races.

Our overall score placed us in a well-deserved third place among all the special needs schools in Birmingham.

Well done to all the students who not only had done their best in the competition and at the same time showed respect for and made friends with other competitors.

Yoga for Residential Students

Yoga class.

Spring Term 2015

We are very pleased to have Claire Jukes who used to work at Baskerville School coming in every Thursday evening in the Spring Term 2015 to lead a yoga class for our residential students. All residential students are invited to participate.

Through regular yoga exercise, we are hoping to help our students to develop their motor skills, improve confidence and self-awareness, learn self-calming techniques and facilitate better control of their emotions.

Para Football Competition

Footballers at Aston Villa.

14 January 2015

On Wednesday 14 January 2015, eight of our students represented our school in a Para Football Competition that took place at the Aston Villa Academy.

Our team played against teams from Fox Hollies School, Arthur Terry School, Hallmoor School and Kingsbury School. They played tremendous football showing very good skills, sportsmanship and team work.

It was a very enjoyable competition and a very good experience for all our footballers.

We are very proud not only of their achievement in qualifying for the finals that will be held in February 2015, but also of their commitment in practising their football skills every Thursday during lunchtime.

by Edyta

Overnight Stay at Ackers

On the water at Ackers.

November 2014

In November 2014, students from Class 3E and 3F had an overnight stay at the Ackers.

They took part in activities including zip wire, bell-boating, team building games and the jungle challenge. Students also cooked their own meals in the evening.

All had a great time!

Residential Trip to Macaroni Wood

At Macaroni Wood.

November 2014

Students from Key Stage 4 and from our Bournville group went to Macaroni Wood in November 2014 for a three-day residential trip.

They rode the bikes and explored the grounds, visited the Cotswold Wildlife Park and engaged in evening group activities.

Everyone enjoyed the experience.

A Visit to Selly Oak Job Centre

At the Job Centre.

23 October 2014

As part of their PSHCEE and Work Experience, students of Class 5D visited Selly Oak Job Centre on Thursday 23 October 2014. The visit was organised by Julie Heidarinia, our Work Skills Co-ordinator and was a great experience for all involved.

The students watched a presentation about what the Job Centre offers for people with disabilities and had a chance to access the Job Centre's job search computers to print out some real vacancies that they were interested in.

RE Lesson at St John and St Peter's

RE lesson in the church.

13 October 2014

Class 3C's RE lesson took place at St John's and St Peter's church on 13 October 2014.

The students took part in activities around the theme of 'Creation'. They listened to the Christian creation story, sang songs, learnt about baptism and created their own artwork of God's creations.

All enjoyed the lesson.

Art Lessons with a Difference

Art with a difference.

July 2014

Maria, our Art teacher has been taking students out of school for their Art lessons in July 2014.

A group of students went to the ThinkTank to do a 'Lego Control Workshop'. They learned about how the movement of a three dimensional object can be controlled through the computer.

Another group went to the Coalport China Museum. They looked around the museum and learned about the history of china production in Coalport and enjoyed the hands on experience of transferring print onto mugs. All enjoyed their special Art lessons.

Fun at Jamie Oliver's Restaurant

Learning skills at the restaurant.

May 2014

In May 2014, students from 4C visited the Jamie Oliver Restaurant in town as part of their EdExcel accreditation and work experience.

Students were given a tour of all areas, shown how a successful restaurant runs, given samples of cured meat and olives and taught how to make foccacia bread.

Trish, the education officer introduced the students to lots of the unusual fruit and vegetables and Paulina demonstrated how she makes black pasta (coloured with squid ink!).

The group really enjoyed the experience and learnt an awful lot (and so did the staff!) and the Jamie Oliver managers were very complimentary about our students.

A Visit to the Peace Pagoda

At the Peace Pagoda.

May 2014

In May 2014, students from 3G enjoyed an interesting trip to the Buddhist peace pagoda as part of their RE entry work on religious buildings.

They learnt about the various features of pagoda and in the afternoon they created their own religious artwork inspired by the visit in the morning.

History Lesson on The Matthew

Students all aboard!

8 April 2014

On 8 April 2014, students from Classes 3F and 3G visited The Matthew which is a replica of the English ship that John Cabot and his crew sailed to North America in the 15th century.

Unfortunately the wind was too strong for the students to sail around Bristol harbour but they spent their time exploring the ship and learned about life on board in Tudor times, how sailors sailed the ship and how it is done today.

All enjoyed a very special History lesson.