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We frequently have building development and other infrastructure changes at our school. On this page, we share some of our recent improvements with you.

Extra Space

Food Technology Room

February 2019

We are currently having two additional portakabins installed to give us extra space!

We will keep you posted as to how we will use them once they are finished.

Improvement Works

Summer 2016

Some improvement works have been completed during the summer holiday.

Orchards residential unit have a new kitchen converted from the old office, and a bedroom has been converted into an office. Firs residential unit has a new lounge to replace the old one.

We have a new revamped horticulture area which includes a new green house and tool shed and new polythene for the polytunnel. We also have a new fence to protect the area from damage by students not accompanied by staff.

The project was funded by lottery money amounting to £10,000 following the successful bid put together by Rhoda our Horticulture teacher and Gro-Organic, the company that completed the work. Thank you to Rhoda and Gro-Organic for securing the funding and also managing and completing the works.

A new greenhouse.
New tool shed.

New fencing.
A new kitchen for Orchards.

New chill-out room for Orchards.
New sofa for Firs.

New Build Update

March 2016

We are very pleased to announce that the construction work for our new build has been completed and the handover took place on Monday 14 March 2016.

The school is at the moment organising furnishing and fixtures for the rooms, which include three classrooms, a hall/multi-purpose room, three group rooms, calm rooms, therapy rooms, a staff room and a purpose built independent living flat (with a bathroom, a bedroom and a kitchen/diner) to teach and practise life skills.

It is expected that the building will be partially available for use after Easter and fully fitted out during the summer.

Many thanks to Morgan Sindall for the excellent work they have done!


New Build Update

December 2015

Construction works of our new build continue to progress well. The brickwork and the windows and curtain walling frames are now complete. The roof works are also complete including the installation of Solar panels.

The internal partitions are 90% complete with the completion of the electrical and mechanical 1st fix. Wiring and plastering were being done following the glazing of the windows.

The new gas connection was made in November and both the water and electric connections are due to be made prior to Christmas.

Ground works will be resumed in mid January following the stripping of the scaffold along with the new canopy installation. The passenger lift will also be installed early in the new year.


New Build Update

September 2015

During the summer holiday, construction work has started on the school grounds for the new two-storey building and a new car park.

The new car park was fully tarmaced and ready when students came back on 3 September. There are now more parking spaces for staff and visiting parents/carers and professionals and also more space for school buses to drop off and pick up students.

The foundations and the steel structure for the new build have also been completed. The new build is planned to be open after the Easter holiday in 2016 so there will be building activity on site until then. The contractors are keen to work with the school and we are taking advantage of this unique opportunity so our students can get involved with activities based around the construction work. Watch this space!

The school will continue to work together with the contractor to ensure that students' health and safety will not be affected by the construction work. Parents are most welcome to contact the school if they have any concerns.


New Build Update

June 2015

Enabling works have been carried out in the school grounds to prepare the site for the actual building work which will start on the first week of the summer holiday for our new build.

We are sure that facilities for both students and staff will be improved when the new build is completed later this year.

Life Skills House demolished to make way for the new build.
Car parking will be improved for school buses, staff, parents and visiting professionals.

More Space for Post-16

Food Technology Room

April 2015

In preparation for the start of the construction of a new two-storey educational building in our school grounds, the hut originally located near the horticulture area has been moved to the grass area just outside our Post-16 building in April 2015.

It will provide extra break-out space for our Post-16 students.

Food Technology Room

Food Technology Room

October 2014

Our Food Technology room was renovated in October 2014. The renovation was half funded by the Healthy Schools project grant.

By improving the facilities of our Food Tech room, we hope that students would be inspired to take more interest in making healthy choices and learn life skills through the Food Tech curriculum.

Residential Bathrooms

New residential bathrooms

August 2014

As part of a rolling programme to ensure all facilities within the school premises are up to date and fit for purpose, the downstairs residential bathrooms were renovated in Summer 2014.

It is one of our latest projects to maintain the high standard of our residential accommodation.

Multi-Use Games Area


July 2014

An all-weather multi-use games area (MUGA) was built on our school grounds in July 2014.

It is part of the school's on-going commitment to ensure that students can access outdoor sports and games.

Cycle Track

Cycle Track

August 2013

The idea of a cycle track in our school grounds was first suggested by our Student Council. It was completed in the summer of 2013 and was part funded by Friends At Baskerville (FAB), our parent teacher association, with the balance met from the school budget.

Parents have worked very hard over a number of years to raise money and the result has meant all our students, no matter their ability, can learn and enjoy safe cycling at school.

Outdoor Gym

July 2013

Our new outdoor gym was created in the summer of 2013. It was funded by the school using money raised by letting the school out for Resources for Autism use the school to run its holiday scheme for young people with Autism.

Since its completion, students have been enjoying working out in our beautiful school grounds.