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Students have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of leisure activities, games, sports and hobbies in school.

Summer Term Lunchtime Clubs

Day Club
Monday/Tuesday Badminton Club
Tuesday (first sitting) LEGO Club
Wednesday Dodgeball Club
Thursday KS3 Football Club
Thursday Eco Club
Friday Boccia Club
Friday (second sitting) Choir

A big 'thank you' to all the staff who give up their lunch hours to organise and supervise these clubs.

Art and Craft Club

Art and Craft Club

This club offers a chance for the students from different classes to relax while doing creative activities of their choice. They can choose whether they would like to draw, colour, paint or make models.

Depending on the time of year the activities will be based on a seasonal theme and students will be encouraged to talk about that theme while they are engaged in creating their piece. This encourages the students to use their imagination in a creative process and also improve the use of their fine motor skills and communication skills.

Chess Club

The Chess Club meets every Monday lunchtime from 12.40 to 1.10pm starting from the second half of the Spring Term 2107. Anyone who would like to play chess, to learn to play or just watch is very welcome to join the club. Many thanks to our Key Stage 3 student Ryan for starting the club and to Katie R for giving up her lunch break to provide staff support for the club.



Art and Craft Club

The school choir meets every Tuesday lunchtime during second sitting and is lead by Jonathan, our Music teacher.

The students enjoy singing a range of popular songs such as those from Bob Marley, The Beatles, Queen, Disney songs etc.

Drum Club

Drum Club is run by Jonathan our Music teacher and Maggie, one of our Teaching Assistants. Students learn various techniques and rhythm which encourages them to develop their co-ordination, listening and communication skills. All students are welcome.


Eco Club

Art and Craft Club
Re-stacking bird feeders in the school grounds.

The Eco Club meets every Thursday
lunchtime and offers activities on a four-weekly cycle:

  • Animal care - taking Sox (our adopted school dog) for a walk and learn how to look after him; other pets will be introduced throughout the year.
  • Campfire cooking.
  • Energy saving campaign.
  • Conservation tasks - improving the school grounds.

All are welcome!

Football Club

Our Football Club is run by Nigel Macrow who is an experienced Special Needs football coach from Aston Villa and Sam his assistant. Students in the club also had the opportunity to visit Villa Park.


ICT Club

ICT Club

In our ICT Club, students are supported by ICT teacher and the ICT Manager to engage in fun activities using the computer.

There are also fun projects using hard and softwares on loan to the school from IT suppliers.

Lego Club

Lego Club

A new lunchtime Lego Club has started in January 2017 with Richard, one of our teachers, who has undergone training to use the activities as a tool to improve the social communication skills of students with learning difficulties. The club will meet weekly on Thursdays in 8-10 week blocks.

The aim of the club is to build students' social and communication skills, through the use of Lego, working in small groups where participating students take on different roles and work together.

Key skills practised are: attention, listening, descriptive language, increasing sentence length and team work.

Lego Therapy has been systematically evaluated in research studies and has been shown to support young people with Autism.

Donations of Lego blocks to the club are always welcome. Please send in any Lego sets or blocks that are still in good and clean condition to school for the attention of Richard Wrigley.

Sports Activities Clubs

Sports activities are offered to students in the gym lead by Edyta, our PE teacher, and outdoors on the school's grounds led by Steve, one of our teachers.

Students have the opportunity to try various sports activities such as trampolining, basketball, zumba, cycling, boccia and ball hockey. Through these activities, students engage in games and exercises that help them to improve their motor skills, self-awareness and confidence. All students irrespective of their ability are welcome.


Story Club

Baskerville Story Club is a place where your imagination can run wild!

We meet once a week for half an hour during lunch break. This year we have indulged ourselves in chocolate as we took a tour in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and been back in time to the year 1843 to relive A Christmas Carol. We have also taken a trip down the rabbit hole and became mad as hatters as we have explored Alice's wonderland.

Students have enjoyed these classic stories through books (read by staff and students), interactive stories, films, music, drama, crafts, using puppets to act out the characters, parties and movie premiers, watching films the students have made.