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Residential Provision

There is accommodation in Baskerville School to offer residential provision for 18 students who require a waking hour curriculum where additional assistance with the development of their communication, social and independence skills is considered beneficial to the student's education.

Requests for residential provision can come from the student, parents/carers or professional staff working with the child. These will be considered by an in-school residential admission panel consisting of the Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral), the Head of Care and a school governor. If the request is supported by the panel, it will be forwarded to the Local Authority who will make a decision to offer a residential placement to the student.

The 18 places are grouped into four units: two six-bedroom, one four-bedroom and one two-bedroom units.

These units cater for students with different level of independence requiring different focus and needs for support. Students in residential include those who require support to acquire basic life skills and self help skills for all aspects of daily living, to those who are learning the independence and social skills in preparation for life as they move on to further education or supported living.

Targets were set for all students to ensure that they are making progress towards achieving their full potential and equipped for the next step in their life.

Residential Skills Target Wheel

Most residential students stay with their units overnight from Monday to Thursday and go home on Friday after school. Students are encouraged to take part in a great range of activities within the units and also out in the community.

Residential Provision at Baskerville School is managed by the Head of Care. Each unit is staffed by a team leader and a number of residential staff, combined residential social workers/teaching assistants who work with the students in both the residential and school settings. There is a named key worker for each student.

Our staff members encourage students to make choices and to discuss anything that maybe of concern to them. There is also opportunity for students to talk to an appointed independent listener who visits residential units every half term.

Please come into school to visit us! Also read our outstanding Residential Ofsted Inspection.


Here are some photographs of our students working on some of their skills targets:

Community - gathering information and using local transport.
Community - money management and communication.

Domestic - weekly shopping.
Domestic - meal preparation.

Personal - self help skills.
Personal - food and drink choices.

Domestic - setting and clearing tables.
Domestic/Personal - shopping (making healthy choices).

Domestic - tidying and cleaning.
Interpersonal - group activities.

Interpersonal - responsibility (Forest School).