Full Governor Information and Interests

Governor Name Type of Governor Monitoring Role Term of Office End Date Connections to Staff Business / Financial Interests Other School Governor Posts held
Rosemary Adams Head Teacher - - No No Governor of South & City College / Bournville College
Ian Binnie Chair, LA Finance & Site, Safeguarding 10/20 No No Governor of Bristnall Hall Academy
Susan Hunston Vice Chair, LA Curriculum 4/21 No No None
Anita Higgs Co-opted Attendance & Behaviour 12/18 No No None
Julie Throssell Co-opted Residential 4/19 No No None
Beverley Ffrench Staff - 12/18 No No None
Hayden Hughes Staff - 1/20 No No None
Charmian McCrossan Parent Curriculum, Achievement, Teaching & Learning 9/20 No No None
Juliet Krouwel Parent Wellbeing 4/22 No No None
Sheila Williams Associate - - No No None