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Event - Red Ridge Residential

October 2007

Some of the students and staff at Baskerville enjoyed a residential trip to Red Ridge in Wales. They enjoyed activities such as kayaking, abseiling, climbing, on zip wires and caving.

A report by Anthony:

The people who went on our visit were, Alex, Debbie, Chris, Owen, Edward, Phill, Simon, O'shea and Christopher.

On the first day we ate our lunch and then we went outside to try out the activities. We did the extremely slippery log tower. I got all the way to the top no problem. Next was the very high Zip Wire, the Zip Wire was so easy not at all scary.

In the evening we had a scrumptious dinner; it was fish-shaped fish and something else - I think chips - I've forgotten though.

After dinner, we tried a different activity which was the simulated cave it was the best activity out of all of them. The best part was when the lights were off and it was pitch black. I don't really have a worst part.

On Tuesday morning we had breakfast. The food didn't taste that good but it filled my stomach. It was very noisy at breakfast; other groups were very noisy.

The Tuesday morning activity was abseiling and cliff climbing. Debbie was very scared and she wasn't going to do it, But she plucked up the courage and climbed all the way up. The cliff was a bit exaggerated about how high it was; the cliff was only about 40 metres high.

Tuesday afternoon activity was a dark wet activity. We did caving in a two thousand year old roman copper mine. Inside it was very damp and I could hardly see at all. My favourite part of the caving when I had to crawl on my belly through a hole which Simon could barely fit through.

In the evening we had a long walk about two miles long. I saw a bat whilst I was chatting to Debbie. Thankfully I didn't step in any sheep poo. But after I was exhausted and my legs hurt!

Before we went back to school on Wednesday we got very wet doing the Kayaking. Edward kept falling in and got soaked along with me who got drenched but I made myself fall in.

I am proud because I did all the activities and help other people out like O'shea in the simulated cave.

Riding the high zip wire
Cliff climbing

Enjoying the kayaking session
Caving in the old copper mine